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FASE is a catalogue of designer condensates according to the principles of Scandinavian design. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Borrowing from ready-to-assemble furniture manuals, we strive to create order in the current disorder, and provide a resource to the field that will aid aspiring biomolecular architects in coming up with novel creative ways of sculpting biological matter.

We aim to gather a community of cell biologists, (bio)physicists, artists, and designers to inspire each other and collaborate to tackle outstanding challenges by creating novel designer condensates.

The FASE team

We are always looking for fellow phase separatists and creative spirits to join us!

Steven Boeynaems

Stanford University

Steven is interested in peptide coacervates and discovering novel orthogonal condensation modules.

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Renee L. Hastings

Stanford University

Renee is developing novel microfluidics approaches to study protein phase separation.

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