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Scandinavian design meets biomolecular condensation

FASE aims at inspiring a new generation of bioengineers to rethink phase separation as an opportunity to create reactive biomaterials with unconventional properties and to
encode novel biological function in living systems.

Read more: Hastings et al., 2021

Simplicity - Minimalism - Functionality

Phase separation?

It's all coming together

Any molecule can transition between different states of matter, or so-called phases. Differential phase transitions of molecules in a mixture can allow for a phase separation to occur. For example, condensation of water vapor to water droplets results in the phase separation of water from air. Such water droplets can also transition to a solid state, for example as a snowflake.

Protein phase separation has emerged as a novel paradigm explaining the biogenesis of membraneless organelles and other so-called biomolecular condensates. Besides proteins, also other biopolymers have the ability to undergo phase transitions.

Building a framework

Of stickers and spacers

Biopolymers can be characterized according to the sticker-spacer framework, initially coined by Pappu and coworkers. Stickers provide intra- and interpolymer interaction sites, while spacers separate such interaction sites along the linear polymer sequence.

This structural framework is generalizable, tunable, and modular in nature, hereby providing the biomolecular architect with design flexibility and ready-to-assemble functional modules.

Material properties

Liquids, gels and crystals

All matter can occur in different phases, and the same holds true for biopolymers. From diffuse gas-like states, to condensed phases with liquid or solid-like properties.

Altering the specific material properties of a condensate can tune its biochemical properties and biological function.


In composition and topology

Cellular biomolecular condensates are not simple homogeneous compartments. On the contrary, they often have hierarchic or multilayered topologies, and moreover recruit up to hundreds of specific clients.

Understanding the rules governing the emergence of this in vivo complexity will be key in figuring out how these condensates encode biological function.

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